About Us:

FSI Technologies Inc. is the North American headquarters for the EyeSpector Smart Cameras, EyeVision Machine vision software and EVT Eye Vision Technology AG.

FSI has been a trusted manufacturer of industrial automation products and solutions for 50 years and is recognized for its experience in machine vision solutions and technologies. FSI is known for bringing extensive engineering and scientific expertise to bear on newer and more complex technologies.

FSI's factory and headquarters is located at 668 E. Western Avenue in Lombard, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. FSI Technologies' FSI Express division provides the hardware and software and its FSI Machine Vision division provides engineering services, training and solutions.

EVT Eye Vision Technology AG (Karlsruhe) is the creator and ultimate supplier of the EyeVision machine vision software engine which powers the EyeSpector Smart Cameras and the other machine vision products and solutions featured on this website.

Vision Components GmbH is the manufacturer and supplier of the smart camera hardware and operating system of the EyeSpector. Vision Components is a world leader in smart cameras with over 25 years of experience in developing industrial cameras. With over 78,000 units installed, Vision Components sets the standard for industrial smart cameras throughout the world.